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Business Planning

A good idea remains just that till it has a strategy attached.
Strategise and Improvise
Stay Focused and Flexible

Ian Edwards - Business Strategist and Coach

With over 34 years of business ownership experience across manufacturing, retail, service and professional training, I Have learnt 5 keys which will help you unlock the potential in your business. I would enjoy a conversation to see how you need support and how we can help. Whether you need to increase the bottom line or build an effective team, a great idea remains that until it has a strategy attached to it. I am a certified behavioral Analyst, Professional Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach and Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches plus a member of the International Coach Federation.

Business Planning

Proactive Business Planning

5 Keys to Successful Business Planning has been specifically designed to help people in a business. Whether you planned to be in business or fell into business and have never put a plan under what it is they are trying to achieve. The 2019 Version 4 is now in use so it is now applicable and valuable to all businesses, large and small.
We have taken people who are starting their very first business on a journey to help them start a business on the right platform. We have also had the privilege of helping Business Owners that started a business many years ago but never underpinned it with a plan to take their business to new profitable and successful levels by understanding their business in a whole new way.
Our Clients are seeing great sustainable dynamic growth in their personal and professional lives. Some businesses have grown over 300% sustainably.

Jasmines is an Occupational Therapist and here is her story:


Starting my own business felt a little like having my first child...exciting but incredibly overwhelming. Often times I felt like I had no idea what I was doing! Starting the 5 Keys to Successful Business Planning was like finding the ultimate parenting guidebook.
It has given me direction in my business, helped me to know what is important now and what will be in the future. The material is clear and practical, helping me digest bite-size pieces of information as I learn and grow my business from dream to reality. The most important aspect for me has been the regular meeting with Ian to ensure accountability and to glean amazing gems of wisdom to keep me on the best course.
If there is one piece of advice I could give a business owner, it would be to give Ian a call and get yourself enrolled in the 5 Keys to Successful Business Planning. You won't regret it! 

The five keys that we help people work with are:

  1. Foundation: 7 aspects to discover how to build a solid and secure foundation for your business.
  2. Support: What support do you need to have in your business to build your "Dream Team"
  3. Learning: What learning and personal and professional development do you need to be involved in to develop your skill and your business acumen and aptitude.
  4. Character: Are you developing your character in line with your business growth.  Our business has a character. As we are the container of our hopes, dream, and plans we need our character to develop and grow in line with our business growth.
  5. Vision. Do you have an Active Layered Business plan ready to take you out into the next 12 quarters? I can help you Plan a life you want to live in and have a Business on Purpose

We can also help you set and keep business goals, create realistic forecasting budgets, build effective teams, train leadership, encourage sales staff, create a vision for emerging opportunities and develop sustainable growth.

Don't leave to chance what could be planned for effective outcomes. Create a business with a design, not luck!

There is no pleasure in procrastination! Call today to change tomorrow.

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Do you feel like you own your business or do you feel like your business owns you? Are you starting a business and finding the process overwhelming? Do you have a Business or Busyness. The difference is when 'I' is in the right spot in my business.

If either sound familiar, I would enjoy the challenge of working with you to reclaim ownership of your  business or get you on the right track

Let's start a conversation about how I may be able to help you have the business you want and the life you want, in great synergy with harmony.

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